Oil Palm MicroSatellite database (OPSatdb) has following tabs:
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The "Home" tab describes the database in general, its importance to Oil palm workers

SSR Markers
It is useful to find SSR repeats, primers and other useful information
After clicking SSR markers, It will display search option for Genic SSRs and Genomic SSRs
On clicking the "Genic SSR markers" tab, which is the main tab of this database query page opens up, where the user has customised options for database search. These searches may be made based on Microsatellite characterstics include motif type (mono, di, tri, tetra, penta and hexa), and repeat type (by typing repeat motif) or both.

Then to find out SSRs in the EST sequences, search can be done as per the following steps.

The results will be displayed as follows.