Oil palm (Elaeis guineensis jacq.) is a perennial crop, belongs to the family Arecaceae, and is the major source of edible vegetable oil of the world.

Microsatellite or simple sequence repeat markers are widely used markers of choice by many plant breeders and molecular biologists because of their high levels of polymorphism, co-dominant inheritance, reproducibility and their applicability for genetic diversity, linkage maps, marker-trait associations and marker assisted selection programmes.

A web based relational database OpSatdb (Oil Palm Microsatellite database), is developed which contains details of microsatellites present in the EST sequences and whole genome sequence. OpSatdb allows microsatellite search for genic and genomic sequences using multiple parameters like repeat type (mono- to hexa-nucleotide), pattern of the repeat motif and the location of the marker on the chromosome.